Benefits of Music NFT over MP3

Benefits of Music NFT over MP3

Do you remember the vinyl records, which were pressed permanently on vinyl and it was imposible to copy it? Then later came tapes, which anyone could copy on the double deck stereo. Later we got compact disks, which weren’t as easy to copy, until personal CD burners became available for all and everyone. What followed was the MP3 format music files. File size became much smaller than the one of the Wav format. Therefore people could share those easily and store many MP3s on their drives, which were much smaller than what we have today. Terabyte hard drive wasn’t even heard of back then. One gigabyte was all you could get. But that’s not the point.

MP3 music files made it too easy to just share all your music collection with all your friends. With vinyl records, music had some sort of authenticity to it. Not everyone could afford the vinyl and many vinyl records were pressed in limited quantities, making those a collectible item. Invention of the MP3, wiped it all away. Music became unappreciated. It turned into something that listeners are expecting to get for free now days. However music is the work of art. It’s just like the painting, it takes time to paint it on the canvas. It’s more just the sound, it’s someones imagination. Music is the true work of art, and it possesses value.

Today we have a lot of good and bad spoken about NFTs (non-fungible tokens). There are many different types. Great examples are image NFTs, music NFTs and video NFTs, to name the few. For music, NFT brings back one great benefit. It brings back the authenticity back to music. Music NFT are more like vinyl records. Single NFT of the single musical recording could be owned by only one person at the time. Music NFT could be sold further by the next owner. Music NFT could be published in limited quantities, making music collectable again. Music NFT can not be copied and pasted as easily as MP3 files. It can not be emailed to anyone as an attachment. That alone is a huge help against the piracy.

Some talk about Music NFT as the commodity, which could also grow in price and it could, just like collectible vinyl records. However even if it does not grow in price, when you buy that one Music NFT, you get to keep something that is of some value. When you buy MP3 file, you bought it and that’s it, reselling it is impossible. When you buy music NFT, you can resell it later in time. You can create a bundle collection of your favorite Music NFT records and try selling that as the bundle of some rare limited edition records as well.

And the royalties, let’s not forget about the royalties. If original author of the musical recording decides that he or she would like to receive the percentage for each resale of their original work of art in musical form, they could do so when they generate the Music NFT before it gets sold. All deductions are then done automatically for each resale and original artists will always receive their royalties automatically every time their work of art is resold.

With Music NFTs, everyone wins. Please support our movement. And definitely check our unique Music NFT collection at:

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