Well, hello dear listener. You happened to visit the website of the electronic music group with name "Megadance". Megadance itself is the electronic music project founded by the artist named EYEgor. Nice to meet you. I like to experiment with genres. My favorite genres are Trance, House, Drum n' Bass and believe it or not Heavy Metal. You will definitely hear the influences of all my favorites in my own creations. Listening to my music will submerge you into the variety of genres and the blends of multiple genres in each single track. My experiments led me to create my own twist to the electronic music, which I named: "Rock'n Rave". However don't worry, I also composed and continue composing plenty of mainstream Trance music and House music tracks. Below I gathered the playlist from what I composed myself. And it is a definite yes, I love all my music, obviously, I compose it, who else would love it more than myself. :) And yet, I still think the tracks that are in this playlist are the best to start with as an introduction to my complete repertoire, which also has some heavier stuff. Therefore if you have never heard my music, then the best first 10 tracks to start with, will be ones in the playlist below. However and I hope you do, if you are in need of more, please click on "Music" menu on top of this page and that will take you to my full repertoire, where you can listen to every single track I composed so far. Definitely check back, I write new music regularly. And if you love what you hear: "TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MEGADANCE". (...it even rhymes) I'm not too shy, am I?... Thank you and Enjoy!

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