Megadance itself is the electronic dance music project founded by the artist named EYEgor. Music is influenced by genres such as Trance, House, Drum n’ Bass and Heavy Metal. As you can hear the very first album, which was called Rock’n Rave is on the heavier side and experimental. Rock’n Rave was composed in San Francisco, California. Therefore its sound is the San Francisco Bay sound. San Francisco has been famous for its Heavy Metal roots and in 1990’s it was booming with Electronic Music, when the rest of USA haven’t heard it yet.


The later music is becoming calmer and more mainstream. That in part because EYEgor has now moved to Miami, Florida. Miami is all about house music. Therefore the influences are visibly breaking through into the more mainstream house music, but definitely some tracks on every album will always have guitar distortion breaking the silence. It’s because one of the all time favorite genres of the composer is Heavy Metal. Therefore at least one track of each album will always have some guitars.


EYEgor decided to keep albums to 10 tracks. This way each 10 track album will have a slight difference in the overall genre. Rock’n Rave is much heavier. Mars on Earth album is very much all in the genre of Trance. Open for Business is House and EDM with lots of vocals. Next album, lets see whats it going to be. There is a lot to electronic music. Lots of sub-genres to explore. 


Definitely check back regularly, EYEgor continues to write new music. And if you love what you hear: “TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT PROJECT MEGADANCE”.