Megadance.com is the home of some of the best electronic music hits.


MEGADANCE itself is the electronic dance music production organization founded by the artist named EYEgor. Music released under MEGADANCE varies in genres. You will hear the variety of genres such as House, Club Dance, Trance, Big Room, Drum and Bass and EYEgor’s own invention dubbed the Rock’n Rave, which blends the EDM with the Heavy Metal.


You can stream our music right here on this website. However our music is also available on all major music distribution channels, such as Spotify and many more. You could Shazam our tracks as well. New tracks are released often. Therefore definitely check back regularly.


The track list on the home page of this website contains the latest 10 tracks. The first track in this list is always the latest track. The complete repertoire of the MEGADANCE project is on the ALBUMS page.


For dance music videoclips, which we produced for our tracks, please check our music videos on the  VIDEOCLIPS page.


We are based in Miami, Florida, United States of America. Especially the latest tracks reflect the taste of Miami. Miami loves electronic music and is considered the capital of the American electronic music. For example Los Angeles is more Hip Hop Music. San Francisco is more Metal Music. Amsterdam is more Trance Music. Berlin is more Techno Music. Las Vegas is more EDM. Miami is more House Music and Latin American Dance Music.


Enjoy and if you love what you hear, “TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MEGADANCE”.