Mars on Earth

by Megadance


1. Artificially Intelligent

2. Cry of the Siren (Trance Remix)


4. ABC Song

5. Antigravity

6. Sun, Sand and Surfing

7. Laughter

8. Just want You

9. Skylevator

10. Together as One (feat. Andrey Bragin)

11. 3 2 1 Lets Go

12. Vivid Dreams

About Album

The album Mars on Earth is my take on trance music genre. There is something magical about trance genre. It’s melodic and emotional, yet providing you with just the energy you need. It never overwhelms you. It sounds great in the headphones and sounds even greater on the stadium events which trance music genre proven to gather. Most of world’s major dance festivals have at least one stage dedicated to only the trance genre and that stage is always packed with people. I remember 1998 in San Francisco Bay Area (yes, I am that old), when trance music was the booming underground genre there. Trance music parties were all underground. Today however they grew into main stream massive festivals, which gather tens of thousands of people. That’s how huge the trance music became. It really is the music genre of today and will be even more so in the future.


This album is all dedicated to trance music genre. Some tracks are from the Rock’n Rave album, which I rewrote into pure melodic trance. Trance music is the very complicated genre to compose. I really hope I did a good job. All tracks are completely my own, none of the samples or examples from any midi packs were used in it, except the vocals in the track Uleea, which came from the vocal sample pack (pointing that out, because had questions like that asked before). I hope I succeeded in writing something that you will enjoy listening. And if you love what you hear: “TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT MEGADANCE”.


Photo on the album cover is the photo I took of San Francisco downtown from Diamond Heights when the skies were literally orange from all smog, which was caused by forest fires all around Northern California. It really did feel as if we ended up on Mars for couple of days. Used this photo for the album cover, because I was introduced to trance music in San Francisco and the photo is unique and demonstrates the orange skies, filled with smog. The polluted history, which we don’t want to repeat and experience anywhere else. However it is good to pass onto others so they could see how it can be. Absolutely no filters on the photo. That is what really the Earth will look like if we continue at the pace we are polluting.

Artists: EYEgor, Megadance Project

Label: Megadance Records

Release Date: January 01, 2023

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